Designer Wall Tattoos..

Coz each wall has something to say..


'Out'door is 'in'door now..

City.. Forest.. Caves.. all in your space..


Wowowowowow is the word..

Coz you have the best of the 'Canvas Masterpieces'..


Go Glassy..

Go Colory Classy..


Privacy & Elegancy.. Both..

Coz we understand what you need..


Wall Galleria has been started with passion to convert imagination to reality. You imagine.. You dream and we present it to you. With us, convert your walls, floors to masterpieces.. We are a company to believe in. We are just designing the world..
And so we call ourselves 3Ds

3Ds - Designing.. Delivering.. Delighting..




Our Policies

We strive for our clients coming back and spreading the word about the quality of our graphic prints and our end to end services. So, we adhere to the best graphic printing practices which satisfy each one of you and most importantly ourselves. Your win is our win.

We are quick to respond and we listen to everything you have to say.


What are Wall Graphics?

Wall graphic is a beautiful work of art that is made-to-order for you. Vinyl is a very thin material and when the wall graphics are placed on your wall, they look painted on.

How long do the wall graphics last?

Our wall graphics are made to last for many years of enjoyment. If you take care of the wall graphics that you purchase, you will find that it will last for at least 4 years or more. Your space will look great and stay perfect with even little moisture as Wall Graphic will cover it well.

Will Wall Decals Cause Wall Damage?

If wall graphics are applied properly, they will inturn protect your wall. While removing wall decals it is important to use a blow dryer as you peel it off the wall. This will thin out the vinyl and loosen the adhesive for easier removal.

Our Skills


Methodology We Follow

Our Methodology is no rocket-science and is purely Client-centric. In this 'i have no time' world, we have all the time for you and we are flexible enough to listen to you and to be with you all the time..


An idea/thought is enough to start. Call / msg or mail us and our team member shall visit your place. Understanding your site and your needs, we suggest you the best of materials and graphics. Meanwhile the site measurements are taken care of..


The designs are created / modified to your preferences and mailed or shown to your approval. Upon your approval the same goes in printing or plotting as desired.. and you have a reason to smile for your work is more than half your done just sitting at your luxury..


And now is the time finally to salute yourself for the idea/thought.. your choice is just installed at your space at your own convennient time. Snap your selfie with the best of the designer backgrounds. We are easy and easier on your pockets..



We compiled a list of commonly asked with what we think are very competitive prices. We can basically print any size you like and any quantity, so if your require material is not listed below, please either email us or call us directly - we can normally quote within the hour. Please note that we can give much better prices for quantity or bulk orders - these prices are to be used as a guide only so don't let them scare you.

INR 72+ per sq ft


  • Banner Prints
  • Wall tattoos
  • Plotted Films
  • Sun Control Films
  • Privacy Films
  • Designing
INR 135+ per sq ft


  • Wall Graphics
  • Wardrobe Prints
  • Glass Graphics
  • Frosted Films
  • One Way Vision
  • Floor Graphics
INR 270+ per sq ft


  • Creative Designs
  • Canvas Prints
  • Backlit
  • Signages(may vary)
  • Sun Board Prints(may vary)
  • Hoardings(may vary)

Refer Us.. But Where??

Wall Galleria is a creative team. We are creative with our thoughts.. our designs and our execution too.. so yes, experience our creativity and here is for you to see where all you can refer us......

Restaurants.. Hotels..

Show me ambience !! How many times have walk-ins exited ur space without enquiring on menu or rooms?? How many times people have just passed-by, not bothering to even enter?? Well, today nobody wants to have just a burger...

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Schools.. Colleges..

Opportunity to communicate!! The walls in our schools offer a great opportunity to communicate visually to students, staff and visitors. Perhaps the most important thing...

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Good design is a lot like thinking made visual.

Edward Tufte


Privacy & Visibility .. Yes Both.. Corporate Wall Graphics are a great solution to transform an ordinary wall into a highly visible advertising and branding solution. They can revitalize..

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We do it.. Whatever the size of your space we can supply graphics to really bring it alive. With digital wallpaper, vinyl manifestation, glass decoration, floor graphics to name but a few services that can be combined to make your showroom stand out. Capture your customers’ ...

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein


@home.. We spend close to 3/4th of our life within a spaces we call home. Why should these spaces be just plain geometrical fixtures? Why can’t our spaces reflect

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Luxury Spaces..

Oh yes.. Beyond offering images of your favourite athlete or entertainment star, Wall Galleria can transform any space -- be it a salon, a gym, a hospital, athletic facility or an entire building -- from ordinary to amazing. We provide ...

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Influenced by nothing but Client's interest..

Arthur C Nielsen


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